seeks to strengthen horizontal networks in-between local communities
through collaborative developing working methods with node and
starting point in cultural centers. With artistic practice in the
form of workshops with text and projection, outdoors in the street,
as a communication medium – accessible for everybody to take part in.

We bring unheard or muted conversations to the front, increase
transparency of ongoing discussions and activate art’s social
engagement capacity. We seek to establish a sustainable democratic
working method for and together with cultural institutions & social-
cultural workers, art professionals and others from Arkhangelsk
oblast and Jämtland Sweden – with a possibility to extend it to
other locations, venues.

MOBILE MAGAZINE is a collaboration between r a k e t a (Stockholm,
Sweden) & CSI/Center for social innovations in culture (Arkhangelsk,
Russia). The project has been implemented with funding from the
Swedish Institute/Creative Force (2019-2020).

Here we are.
From A to B.
370 mm behind us.
I touched the ocean!
А вот и мы.
Из пункта А в пункт Б.
370 мм позади нас.
Я прикоснулся к океану!